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Monday, April 19, 2010

blazers take game 1; Barkley is an idiot

absolutely incredible! i was going to say unbelievable, but there's not a one of us who didn't think we could win this game! what a team effort!

i first have to give credit to Nate for not letting the suns build momentum. every time phoenix went on a little run, he called timeout, regrouped the guys and stopped the suns from extending their lead by more than 4 or 5 points. very intelligent. i also liked a lot of things he did with the rotation (leaving in the Andre-Jerryd guard tandem in the fourth quarter, for example!).

obviously, everyone is talking about Andre, as well they should. he took control in that fourth quarter brilliantly. he did exactly what you need to do against a team like the suns, attack the paint. phoenix had no answer for Andre last night.

i had mentioned that at least one of the bench guys had to step up and it was Arizona native Jerryd. what a big night for him (sans the missed ft's at the end). he made a lot of things happen and really kept us attacking, especially in the fourth quarter. between he and Miller in the fourth, i think it was an exceptional combination for us, and something which caught phoenix off guard.

Marcus was again a huge factor in the win. i don't know what's more impressive; his 17 rebounds or his defense on Amare or even the blocked shots. i felt he had a virtually perfect game until he missed the dunk. that could have really put in the dagger. Marcus was dominating down low, which compliments LaMarcus' game very well.

speaking of LaMarcus (don't you all just love my segues?!), i was a little worried about his shooting in the first half, but he went 3-6 in the second half and played some nice defense at the other end.

and what can i say about Nicolas. i had read a story the other day where he talked about being disappointed in his play last year against houston and that he wanted to redeem himself from that. obviously, his defense caused various suns players fits all night long, but his shooting was spectacular as well, 7-13 for the game (7-12 if you don't include the desparation three he almost made at the end of the third quarter). Nicolas: redemption phase one complete. oh, that driving dunk in the third quarter should make everyone's highlight reel; i think he had just been called for a foul at the other end, and you could tell he wanted that dunk!

i continue to be impressed with Martell's defense. i remember when he was drafted; my dad and oldest brother were talking about him only being able to shoot the ball. i think he's been learning some defensive skills lately from Nicolas and Marcus! fanhouse.com calls his double block in the fourth quarter, 'Webster's Dikimbe Mutombo Moment!'

we know what we have to do to beat the suns. we've proven we can do it, and i see no reason why we can't pick up game two. they'll be hungry, but i think we will as well.

to make a long comment short (don't roll your eyes at Kassandra!), i'd like to take a moment and point out how much of a complete utter moron that is Charles Barkely. basically there were two things he said at halftime (we had the game on both channels at my house!):

1. he made the claim that "no one in portland, oregon thinks the trail blazers can win this series." -- uh, Chuck, i haven't talked to one person in portland oregon who things we won't win this series; shut your pie hole!

2. as part of a bit during the halftime show, Chuck was asked a question by a fan, 'being from alabama, do you find it hard to communicate intelligently with other people?" after laughing and trying to shrug off this question, he eventually said 'yes.' --well, at least he admits it!

i'm very proud of our blazers, and i'd love to see us win tomorrow night!

~ Kassandra

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