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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

happy birthday to my mama

so, as my family often does to commemorate a household event, we are throwing a little party tomorrow.

it's my mama's birthday -- and it's a big one. i probably shouldn't mention this ... but it's the 5-0! not that she looks it. i don't know of anyone who looks as young for their age than my mama.

so instead of the over-the-hill jokes and sybollic milestone remarks, i wanted to do something a little different.

august 4 is a wonderful day (in my heart is always will be, at least). as with any day, there have been many monumental events and births. i thought i'd take some time to mention some which have occurred on my mama's special day.

i think maybe the biggest milestone is that president Barack Obama was born on the exact same day -- in 1961. other notables born that same day include actress Lauren Tom, german footballer Peter Reichert.

though born a little more than two decades later -- in 1985 -- portland trail blazers center Ha Seung-Jin was born on august 4 as well.

as far as notables who share an august 4 birthday, they include: Duke Leopold I of austria (born in 1296), Pope Urban VII (1521), french designer Louis Vuitton (1821), norwegian writer and poet laureate (1859), Louis Armstrong, American jazz trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong (1901), journalist Helen Thomas (1920), actor Richard Belzer (1944), actor Billy Bob Thornton (1955), baseball player Roger Clemens (1962), race car driver Jeff Gordon, and twin actors Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse (1992).

there were also quite a few major events in history which occurred on august 4. perhaps the one which pops out the most is that this day is generally credited as the day Dom Perignon invented Champagne, in 1693.in 1924, diplomatic relations were established between Mexico and Russia.

in world war I -- 1914 -- germany invaded belgium, which prompted the united kingdom to declare war on germany. two years later, liberia would declare war on germany.

the billboard hot 100 was created in 1958. in 1977, president Jimmy Carter created the u.s. department of energy. NASA launched the phoenix spaceship in 1977

some great births and great events happened on my mama's birthday, but hers is the biggest highlight of my august 4 -- in any year!

Happy Birthday Mama! i love you!

~ Kassandra

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