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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blazers Innefective Because of HC

A quarter of the NBA season has been played, and it has been largely disappointing for the Portland Trail Blazers. Following the blowout loss to Sacramento on December 8, I ranted on twitter regarding the status of the team and the deficiencies of its head coach, Terry Stotts.

Here are my tweets:

well, that was a complete debacle by the . i had projected 41 wins for this team, but at this rate i think we'll be lucky to get 24.

it's not simply a coincidence we are at the bottom of the league's defensive teams. we would have to improve to become PATHETIC on defense.

the decision making from our coach - FROM DAY 1 - has been atrocious. i had concerns about his hire to begin with. my concerns are justified

all you have to do it look at Stotts previous nba head coaching experience to see that he is NOT a good nba head coach.

he's a good assistant coach - i'll give him that - but Stotts does not belong at the coaching helm of a professional basketball team.

i don't blame the assistants as they abide by Stotts' practice/game plans, as well as the fact that the buck stops with the head coach.

this was an incredibly horrible coaching hire by Paul Allen & i hope he is understanding that. perhaps Stotts interviews outstandingly.

however, Stotts just does not have the capability to lead an nba team. this team will NOT get any better with him as HC. mark those words.

you don't play an injured player for 17 minutes a game when he should not be out there in the 1st place, no matter what that player says.

you have to make intelligent decisions as a head coach, & while Stotts has made a few, the terrible decisions outweigh those six-fold.

it's helpless when you know this coach is not the right person for the & because you love your team, you must live though his mediocrity.

if anyone is still reading: yes, i am calling for the Blazers to fire Stotts now. correct the mistake, right the wrong. straighten the ship.

it's time to start over, for the sake of this city & it's fans. it's either do so, or accept & accept the mediocrity. part ways with Stotts.

there it is; i am done.
I sincerely hope that somehow the team will either turn it around, or pull the plug on the Stotts era. If it is the latter, the move should be made sooner rather than later.

~ Kassandra

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