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i'm Kassandra an oregon girl at heart. recent college graduate. heading off to law school in summer of 2014. my parents are both u.s. army veterans and continue to serve in the military in other capacities. i have four brothers (two older, two younger) and three sisters (all younger). i love each of them for both their individuality and their commitment to the example set by our parents. aside from my family, i have several friends who mean a great deal to me, one as much as my best friend from high school. she's my kindred spirit and i would do anything for her. i would also do anything for Julie, my roommate for three of my four years of college and my best friend; she's amazing and it's wonderful to have shared this experience with her. i'm extremely strong in academics and tend to think of things in analytical terms. i'm open and honest. note: i'm interested in receiving feedback on this blog, but i request that the comments pertain to the actual blog itself, and i do not approve anonymous comments.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

back in the swing of things

well, i've been busy lately. i was trying to come up with a better word for it, but "busy" seems to be the best word to describe it.

following christmas break, i returned back to school for the beginning of my second semester. i made it a point to become immersed in this semesters classes as i had in in the fall. my classes are again challenging, but i have no doubt that i can do just as well.

Julie and i continue to have fun in our dorm room and there have been numerous nights of little potlucks with our neighbors. these are always a lot of fun, since it's like a mini party on our floor. in fact, the opponents of our lingerie flag football game during last semester's secret snowflake came up (clothed) and hung out one night. that was a huge amount of fun.

of the three weekends since the semester started, i've spent two of them at Brian and Carla's apartment, including this weekend when they weren't there. that's no issue since i have my own room there so i can get away from school if i need to.

it's been a fun weekend of a lot of solitude and a couple of get togethers at neighbors, whom i've previously met. it's not like they were strangers, so it was nice getting to know them a little better.

the past weekend, i met someone and became involved for what i thought would be a solid time. as it turns out, he ended up being like a lot like previous guys i've met. i understand wanting to spend time together; however, i don't tolerate ultimatums when it comes to disregarding my studies to spend time with him. that is unacceptable and i quickly told him goodbye.

i still connect with my family as often, and even more so than i did the previous term. things are going well back at home, and speaking via any method with them never fails to bring a smile to my face.


my dad is doing exceptionally well after his angioplasty before christmas. in fact, he's doing so well that he returned to work about a week and a half ago. they say he's pretty much back to normal, and he says he's no longer going stir crazy at home. i absolutely love him and i know he's best in his element.


readers of this blog may remember my trip to new mexico last summer, and my cousin Aubrey. she e-mails me at least once a week and we talk on the phone a couple times a month. in september she began her tutoring to deal with dyslexia. she just e-mailed me a copy of her grades for the first half-year of school. one A, five B's and a C. that's a 3.00 average ... up about 1.50 points from before the dyslexia diagnosis. i knew she had it in her!

~ Kassandra


  1. That's amazing about your cousin Aubrey!

    I'm glad you're still doing well, and that your dad had a great recovery!

    Miss you!

  2. hey girl! Aubrey's problem wasn't a lack of effort; it was just the way she perceived information on the page. i'm really proud of her! my dad won't be kept down and he's eating a little better now and taking things easy. he told me the other night that he's still the same old guy!

    ~ Kassandra